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WE Care

There’s a reason why compassion is the first word in our mission statement. It’s a part of our DNA. Showing compassion and loving people are our most important callings. That is why WE Care at Urban Ministry. These compassion programs are made up of Beeson Senior Services, Crisis Clinic, emergency services, homelessness prevention, rapid rehousing, and street outreach.

Eligibility requirements for each of these programs are listed below.

WE Care Healthy Food Programs

Snack Bags:  Monday and Tuesday between noon and 1 pm.

WE Cafe: Wednesdays from 11 am to 1 pm. The Cafe is pay-as-you-can. See WE Cafe for more information. We ask everyone to pay something.

Brown Bags: 3-4 day supply of food commodities twice per month.

Food Pantry: 7 day supply of food once every 3 months. Must provide proof that individual does not receive more than $75 per month in food stamps.


WE Care Utility Assistance Programs

Project Share: Must be disabled or 60 years old or older and have an unpaid gas or electric service bill. Clients can receive up to $300 each season (winter and summer).

Emergency Care: Must be 60 years old or older and have a disconnect notice for water, gas, or electric service. Clients can receive services (1) per year at a maximum of three visits and receive up to $500.00 for each visit.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance: Our social workers coordinate appointments for this electric service program and then help clients prepare documents so they can receive services. Clients can receive up to $960.00 per season (winter and summer). Clients can receive services up to 4 times per year.

Crisis Clinic: Must have disconnected utilities. Clients receive crisis stabilization services including budgeting, financial literacy, etc, to help develop a plan to resolve the emergency crisis through urgent care.