Smiling Jeff Bowman

Five Questions with Jeff Bowman

One of the great things about working at Urban Ministry is the great people you get to work with.

We chased Jeff Bowman down (no easy task) and got him to sit down for five questions so you (and we) can learn a bit about our social worker who is the Director of Urban Ministry’s WE Care program. Jeff grew up in Texas and has served nine years now with us at Urban Ministry.

We put him in the spotlight with Five Questions.

If you had to eat one food every week for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Fish! I would say tuna fish, but if it is every week, I will just say fish.

Jeff LaughingFavorite movie of all time? The Man from Snowy River. People who have seen it will understand.

Favorite dessert? Banana pudding

If some TV show was your real life for a week, what TV show would you choose? And why? I’d love to say “Friends.” I get along with people. Something comical always comes along. I enjoy that show.

Someone you admire? Billy Graham

What encounter have you had through Urban Ministry that is memorable to you? I love working at Urban Ministry for the ability to feel like you can have an encounter with someone and build relationship, and through that relationship make a positive difference in someone’s life. So all the encounters tend to stand out. I see Christ in our clients, experience Christ in the things they say that help me stay grounded.

Thanks, Jeff! (And thank you for letting us sneak in an extra question.)